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Crux cover

The 2017 Laing Lecture Series, Regent College, Vancouver, BC features writer and novelist Marilynne Robinson, a leading voice in Christian theology and culture. In conjunction with and to commemorate these lectures Regent’s journal, CRUX: A Quarterly Journal of Christian Thought and Opinion, will be publishing a special issue in response to her work.

Cover art "Dusk" by Sara Slee Brown

Sara Slee Brown is an Iowa City-based visual artist who combines digital photography, graphic design, editing, and collage to create images that shift between the familiar and the unknown. This tension pulls us into what Brown calls “a new reality which may not be as easily understood but nevertheless exists.” The cover image of this issue, “Dusk,” reminds us of the many mysterious places that Marilynne Robinson takes her characters and readers. We might encounter Lila in this moonlit field as she navigates her physical and spiritual journey across the landscape of Iowa.