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Self Portrait








Sara Slee Brown was trained in the traditional methods of drawing and painting. Her early work was predominantly painted in oil on canvas. After working as a digital graphic designer for many years, she developed methods for combining and layering the digital images with the eye and sensitivity of an oil painter. The images used are taken with a digital camera or a flatbed scanner and then combined, layered, and edited.

The images are then printed, cut and glued to the wooden panel or canvas with many areas of the work being built up with several layers of paper as corrections are made or new ideas occur. No two collages are exactly the same, because the method allows for improvisation.

Weatherdance Detail Two

Weatherdance (image)                    Weatherdance (finished work)

When the piece is finished to Brown’s satisfaction, she adds 3-5 coats of acrylic varnish to fix the ink jet prints and protect them from water and light damage. All of these protective coats are hand brushed onto the work which creates the lush satin finish and shine.

Each image can be reproduced in almost any size.

Studio Wall One
         Beach Street Diner                      City Pier Diner

For example in the above photograph taken in the studio, she is constructing two canvases that are 27"x36" and two that are 18"x24". All collages are hand made, signed and numbered in limited editions.

Commissions and custom size requests are welcome and priced accordingly.